Our team of professional mountain bike testers rode these bikes for months while analyzing their performance, design, and build kit. Off the bike, he works as a mechanic in a bike shop in South Lake Tahoe. Considering their downhill performance scores, both the YT Jeffsy and the Polygon Siskiu perform very well on the climbs. For 2021, the Polygon Siskiu T8 underwent a total redesign. Which components have proven their worth, which solutions are particularly smart and where is there room for improvement? Thanks to the storage space in the down tube, the most important essentials can be stowed in the frame. It's still a versatile, well-rounded mid-travel trail bike, but its updated geometry has made it more capable and confidence-inspiring on the descents. Now Shimano have made an impressive comeback with their new 12-speed drivetrain, particularly with its very smooth shifting and powerful clutch mechanism, which is even more effective at suppressing chain-slap than SRAM Eagle. More than 250 pages of extensive buyers advice, tons of eMTB know-how as well as reviews of the 35 most exciting eMTBs and the 7 best motors. Kyle is a professional ski athlete and has a healthy collection of gold medals in the halfpipe. Ludwig Döhl; ... Neuheiten 2020: MTB-Helme. For Christoph, work-life boundaries are fluid and he likes it that way. Our only point of criticism is the tires – these should be replaced as soon as possible! The Cannondale Habit 6 has an okay build and it performs relatively well on the trail. Jeremy has racked up some impressive results at well-known races such as the Downieville Classic and Lost and Found Gravel Grinder. We’ve seen a clear trend: every year more ENDURO readers state in our annual reader survey that they’re interested in eMTBs. We find it's easy to differentiate between bikes that are simply a blast to ride, and those that keep you on edge the entire time. When our testing concluded and the dust settled, the YT Jeffsy Base was the top performer, offering an outstanding, versatile performance and a very high component specification to price ratio. The YT Jeffsy Base, was the clear winner in this rating metric, with a geometry and component specification that is especially keen to party on the trail. Related: How to Select the Right Mountain Bike. We ride these bikes as if they are our own, pushing them to determine their strengths, weaknesses, and ride characteristics. Due to its decreased weight, the Levo SL sounded like a super exciting candidate for this group test. There used to be a rule of thumb, in the £1,500 and under category, which meant you might be better off buying a well-specced hardtail rather than a cheaper full suspension bike. The Genius plays in its own league on the climbs where it is super efficient, quick and light-footed. E-MOUNTAINBIKE is the leading e-mtb magazine: E-mountainbike reviews, current news, exciting travel stories and practical tips - digital & free! Our team stays on top of new bike releases throughout the year and is always looking for the best new bikes that cost less than $2,500. Here is our review of the Cannondale Habit Carbon 1, All bikes in test: Cannondale Habit Carbon 1 (Click for review) | Canyon Spectral CFR 9.0 SL (Click for review) | Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 (Click for review) | Ibis Ripmo AXS€ (Click for review) | Nukeproof Reactor 290 (Click for review) | Norco Optic C1 (Click for review) | Orbea Occam M-LTD (Click for review) | Radon Slide Trail 10 (Click for review) | Santa Cruz Hightower CC X01 Reserve (Click for review) | Scott Genius 900 Tuned AXS (Click for review) | Specialized Levo SL Expert Carbon (Click for review) | Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper SRAM AXS 29 (Click for review) | Trek Fuel EX 9.9 X01 AXS Project ONE (Click for review) | Yeti SB130 TLR (Click for review) | YT JEFFSY CF PRO (Click for review), Words: Christoph Bayer Photos: Christoph Bayer/Finlay Anderson/Markus Frühmann/Jonas Müssig. Das worldofmtb Team hat für Euch 6 aktuelle E Trail und Endurobikes unter die Lupe genommen. While you could also fit lightweight tires, that would be like driving a Ferrari with a spare wheel that’s limited to 25 km/h – it just doesn’t make sense. The 27.5-inch wheeled Trance 3 also came quite well equipped for the price with a stout fork and burly wheels and tires. Jeremy Benson is the Senior Mountain Bike Review Editor for OutdoorGearLab. It can't match the build on the YT or Polygon, but it gets the job done for less. It's not all about the components, but there is absolutely no question that their beefier suspension, wheels, and tires do a lot to enhance their capabilities on the descents. Fortunately, the Trance 29 3 is as good going up as it is fun to ride back down. Though some people will decry an electric road bike as an abomination, we’re a little more open-minded. 6 Enduro-29er unter 3.000 € im Vergleichstest. Today, however, travel tells us very little about the handling of a bike. In this group test, light wheels such as the Roval Traverse SL on the Specialized Stumpjumper have proven themselves to be an effective performance boost. For 2020 the Advanced 2 gets a RockShox Recon RL Solo fork with 100mm of travel to smooth out the bumps. For everyone else, 95% of the time we recommend stick with a pure 29er for now. On the descents, the Fuel EX is extremely agile and fun to ride. No wonder: there was only one bike in this group test favouring the smaller wheel size – the Canyon Spectral. Trail bikes are the undisputed all-rounders of the bike industry. The Giant Trance 29 3 is a sporty short travel trail bike and a solid all-around performer. It robs you of confidence through steep sections and the shallow-profiled tires on our test bike made it even worse. If it had lighter wheels, it would probably have scored even better in this group test. On the Habit, the effective seat tube angle slackens out significantly as the dropper post gets extended thanks to a pronounced kink in the seat tube. The Kona Process 134 and the Salsa Horsethief came with relatively similar builds. After all, one of the main criticisms of eMTBs from traditional mountain bikers often concerns their increased weight. On the one hand, the number of bikes in our tests is limited, so we concentrate on the most popular brands from our reader survey. However, the riding position is stretched and relatively uncomfortable, which significantly reduces long-distance comfort. Brakes, drivetrains, suspension, dropper posts, if they move they will eventually wear out, and the more you ride the faster it will happen. Een hardtail mountainbike leent zich voor het rijden van vaste routes, toertochten, marathons en XC (cross country) wedstrijden. Group tests don’t only serve to find the best bike in a certain category but are also the perfect indicator by which to evaluate new trends and developments in the industry. Every aspect of each bike's performance was scrutinized and scored on three rating metrics that are discussed in greater detail below. One of the fastest and most comfortable climbers, the Giant Trance 29 3 is a short travel ripper that performs almost as well on the ups as the downs. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. The Tektro brake levers also weren't our favorite, with a somewhat cheap look and feel. 1.1 Stiftung Warentest: Decathlon /: Riverside City Nexus für unter 2500 Euro Testsieger. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. There are several worthy options in this review that'll put a smile on your face. It's also one of the most energetic and efficient climbing bikes of the bunch. ebikebook.de testet Haibike Sduro AllMtn 5.0 unter 3.000 Euro. We ride mountain bikes because it's fun, and we assume that you do too. The greatest strength of the Ibis Ripmo is its versatility, but this could also be interpreted as its greatest weakness. Trail bikes are the undisputed all-rounders of the bike industry. We rated each bike in this review on our tester's impression of how much fun they had while riding each model. All trademarks property of their respective owners He grew up right at the base of some of Tahoe's most famous mountain bike trails. These days you can get capable and fun full suspension bikes from the £1,000 mark. The rear shock also doesn't have a compression damping/climbing switch which would be nice for improving climbing efficiency on long fire road climbs. Here is our review of the Specialized Levo SL Expert Carbon. MTB-News.de hat die besten Mountainbikes 2021 im Test – Testsieger, Preis-Leistungstipps und Empfehlungen der Redaktion - mit Preisvergleich! Kyle Smaine was born and raised in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. While 40% of our readers are indifferent about eMTBs, only 13% see them as a no-go. The trump card for the Thron² is its battery system. The Polygon Siskiu T8 is another bike that is shockingly capable, with a well-rounded performance that simply performs well everywhere. The Fuel EX is an efficient and quick climber and it is more than comfortable enough for long days in the saddle. While the rear suspension feels very defined that also means that it’s not overly comfortable. The 134mm of rear-wheel travel is paired with a 140mm fork which is ideal for a huge number of riders and locations and will rarely leave you wanting for more. The range of application for trail bikes is broad, which was exactly what the test conditions had to mimic. The Giant Trance 29 3, has a good component specification for the price. On average, though excluding the Levo SL, the bikes in this group test cost € 7,376 and weigh 13.4 kg. However, there were some bikes that we wouldn’t recommend to our readers – sometimes in spite of good componentry, balanced geometry on paper, or being well priced. It has a comfortable cockpit, plush suspension, a 12-speed drivetrain, and an especially shred-ready set of wheels and tires. Every bike we tested comes with a different component specification, or build, that is determined by the manufacturer. Underpowered brakes with small rotors, such as those used on the Giant Trance 29, have no place on a trail bike as they get ridden on steep and fast terrain too. They've got predictable and consistent traction that combines with precise and direct steering to make earning those descents more pleasurable than most. We doubled the size of our test team for this group test. Alongside our Best in Test and best buyers tips, we also discovered what is probably the biggest revolution in the mountain bike segment for 2020! Hardtails are the most common, but full-suspension options also exist. Für alle Produkteigenschaften, Bewertungen und Erfahrungen klicke einfach auf das Mountainbike, das Dich interessiert und Du gelangst zum Mountainbike bei Amazon. You can easily spend a small fortune on a new mountain bike these days, but after testing these affordable models, it's clear that you don't have to. We think the Specialized Levo SL Expert Carbon represents the next level of mountain biking and therefore secures this group test’s coveted Best Buy tip! If you choose the Genius, we recommend mounting a handlebar with lots of rise and narrower, grippier tires with good damping. The Giant Trance 3 2019, wasn't a standout on the climbs, but its geometry and Maestro suspension made for a comfortable and reasonably efficient uphill performance. But none of us have ever ridden a bike that is as well thought out as the Levo SL! Case in point, the Cannondale Habit and the Nukeproof Reactor are almost identical with 74.5° and 74.6° seat tube angles respectively, but while you feel like you’re sitting way over the back of the Cannondale, the pedalling position on the Nukeproof is super central. There are a number of factors that dictate the way a bike descends, most notably geometry and component specification. The only exception here is for particularly short riders up to around 165 cm tall. For a long time this made a lot of sense, but then those categories became increasingly specific and niche until the individual designations became absurd. In addition to the suspension, a bike’s acceleration depends heavily on its rotating mass. The bikes in this review all fall within a few hundred dollars of each other and the differences in price really aren't very extreme. Een hardtail is het lichtste type mo E-MTB Test 2020: Wir haben uns der ... KTM ein preislich ziemlich attraktives Highend E-MTB in die Saison 2020.