The oldest cathedral in the city is the Peter and Paul Cathedral, built between 1712-1733, and the largest is the Kazan Cathedral, completed in 1811. The Alter House Inc is a Florida Domestic Non-Profit Corporation filed on December 23, 2018. The city is not only home to the world-famous Hermitage Museum and the Russian Museum with its rich collection of Russian art, but also the palaces of Saint Petersburg and its suburbs, so-called small town museums and others like the museum of famous Russian writer Dostoyevsky; Museum of Musical Instruments, the museum of decorative arts and the museum of professional orientation. Important dendrological collections dating back to the 19th century are hosted by the Saint Petersburg Botanical Garden and the Park of the Forestry Academy. Изменения №5/2001 ОКЭР. St. Peter’s Basilica, also called New St. Peter’s Basilica, present basilica of St. Peter in Vatican City (an enclave in Rome), begun by Pope Julius II in 1506 and completed in 1615 under Paul V. It is designed as a three-aisled Latin cross with a dome at the crossing, directly above the high altar , which covers the shrine of St. Peter the Apostle . In the time of the World War I Nicolas II decided to change the German name “Petersburg” to “Petrograd”. In 1954 the settlements Levashovo, Pargolovo and Pesochny merged with Leningrad. [34] Leningrad and many of its suburbs were rebuilt over the post-war decades, partially according to pre-war plans. The largest lake is Sestroretsky Razliv in the north, followed by Lakhtinsky Razliv, Suzdal Lakes and other smaller lakes. Named in honor of St. Peter and not Peter the Great, the founder of the city. Each night during the White Nights, the bridges spanning the Neva are raised to let boat traffic through. [89] It was not until 2004 that the first high bridge across the Neva, which does not need to be drawn, Big Obukhovsky Bridge, was opened. Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. Trams in Saint Petersburg used to be the main mean of transport; in the 1980s this was the largest tram network in the world, but many tracks were dismantled in the 2000s. [44] This agreement was abolished on 4 April 2002.[45]. In the early 2000s the city saw a wave of popularity of metalcore, rapcore, and emocore, and there are bands such as Amatory, Kirpichi, Psychea, Stigmata, Grenouer and Animal Jazz. [24] On 27 May [O.S. As of the 2017 Rosstat, the federal subject's population is 5,281,579 or 3.6% of the total population of Russia;[citation needed] up from 4,879,566 (3.4%) recorded in the 2010 Census,[58] and up from 5,023,506 recorded in the 1989 Census.[59]. Saint Petersburg is a federal subject of Russia (a federal city). Before that, only pontoon bridges were allowed. Peter moved the capital from Moscow to Saint Petersburg in 1712, 9 years before the Treaty of Nystad of 1721 ended the war; he referred to Saint Petersburg as the capital (or seat of government) as early as 1704. The art of famous and prominent Saint Petersburg dancers like Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Mikhail Baryshnikov was, and is, admired throughout the world. New tourist programs and sightseeing tours have been developed for those wishing to see Saint Petersburg's cultural heritage. Among them are architectural monuments of federal significance. BC Spartak Saint Petersburg won two championships in the USSR Premier League (1975 and 1992), two USSR Cups (1978 and 1987), and a Russian Cup title (2011). The more questions the more I felt I wasted my money. You may use map navigation tools to adjust map scope and zoom level of St Petersburg Airport map. (Saint Petersburg, Russia). In 2008, the World Monuments Fundinclude… Unlike in Moscow, the historic architecture of Saint Petersburg's city centre, mostly Baroque and Neoclassical buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries, has been largely preserved; although a number of buildings were demolished after the Bolsheviks' seizure of power, during the Siege of Leningrad and in recent years. Among the cultural events devoted to celebrating the White Nights are the festivals organized by the Mariinsky and Hermitage theatres and the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory. St Petersburg has a number of dramatic theatres and drama schools. Despite St. Petersburg's northern location, its winters are warmer than Moscow's due to the Gulf of Finland and some Gulf Stream influence from Scandinavian winds that can bring temperature slightly above freezing. The 310-meter (1,020 ft) tall Saint Petersburg TV Tower is the tallest completed structure in the city. 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The shipping company St Peter Line operates two ferries that sail from Helsinki to St Petersburg and from Stockholm to St Petersburg.[116]. It is planned to connect the park with the pedestrian bridge to the territory of Lakhta Center's recreation areas. Marriott St. Petersburg Clearwater features a 37-inch flat-screen TV and a work desk in every guest room. (2010) 4,879,566; (2012 est.) The company's filing status is listed as Inactive and its File Number is P93000018282. On 26 January 1924, shortly after the death of Vladimir Lenin, it was renamed to Leningrad (Russian: Ленинград, IPA: [lʲɪnʲɪnˈgrat]), meaning "Lenin's City". Том 1", "Всесоюзная перепись населения 1989 г. Численность наличного населения союзных и автономных республик, автономных областей и округов, краёв, областей, районов, городских поселений и сёл-райцентров", "Естественное движение населения в разрезе субъектов Российской Федерации", "Каталог публикаций::Федеральная служба государственной статистики". It is not to be confused with, Capitals of European states and territories, Saint Petersburg public transportation statistics. [63][64] For the first half of 2007, the birth rate was 9.1 per 1000[65] and remained lower than the death rate (until 2012[66]); people over 65 constitute more than twenty percent of the population; and the median age is about 40 years. Saint Petersburg is a major transport hub. Another notable 20th-century writer from Saint Petersburg is Joseph Brodsky, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1987). [107] The largest of the public higher education institutions is Saint Petersburg State University, enrolling approximately 32,000 undergraduate students; and the largest non-governmental higher education institutions is the Institute of International Economic Relations, Economics, and Law. The ethnicity of the remaining 13.4% of the inhabitants was not specified. The city is remembered as the scene of the February (March, New Style) and October (November, New Style) Revolutions of 1917 and for its fierce defense while besieged during World War II. After the October Revolution the name Red Petrograd (Красный Петроград, Krasny Petrograd) was often used in newspapers and other prints until the city was renamed Leningrad in January 1924. G-Trainers will allow you to improve your mobility and speed recovery from injuries and surgeries fast. Saint Petersburg is an important transport corridor linking Scandinavia to Russia and Eastern Europe. The oldest ones is LIVIZ (founded in 1897). Nevsky Prospekt crosses the Moika (Green Bridge), Griboyedov Canal (Kazansky Bridge), Garden Street, the Fontanka (Anichkov Bridge), meets Liteyny Prospekt and proceeds to Uprising Square near the Moskovsky railway station, where it meets Ligovsky Prospekt and turns to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Last Updated: Dec 10, 2020 See Article History. For various reasons (including large-scale destruction during World War II and construction of modern buildings during the postwar period in the largest historical centres of Europe), Saint Petersburg has become a unique reserve of European architectural styles of the past three centuries. The most prominent neoclassical and Empire-style architects in Saint Petersburg included: In 1810, Alexander I established the first engineering Higher education, the Saint Petersburg Main military engineering School in Saint Petersburg. Matviyenko stood for elections as member of the Regional Council of Saint Petersburg and won comprehensively with allegations of rigging and ballot stuffing by the opposition. St. Petersburg is located on the delta of the Neva River, at the head of the Gulf of Finland. The average maximum temperature in July is 23 °C (73 °F), and the average minimum temperature in February is −8.5 °C (16.7 °F); an extreme temperature of 37.1 °C (98.8 °F) occurred during the 2010 Northern Hemisphere summer heat wave. Petersburg, Psychic "I had a reading with the owner. Constructivist architecture flourished around that time. The average annual temperature is 5.8 °C (42.4 °F). The authorities have recently been compelled to transfer the ownership of state-owned private residences in the city centre to private lessors. In the 1760s, Baroque architecture was succeeded by neoclassical architecture. 1 May] 1703, during the Great Northern War, Peter the Great captured Nyenskans and soon replaced the fortress. In 1951 a crowd of 110,000 set the single-game attendance record for Soviet football. Due to its northerly location at ca. [79] The new port is part of the city's "Marine Facade" development project[80] and is due to have seven berths in operation by 2010. The city has 221 museums, 2000 libraries, more than 80 theatres, 100 concert organizations, 45 galleries and exhibition halls, 62 cinemas and around 80 other cultural establishments. His second term expired in 2004; the long-awaited restoration of the broken subway connection was expected to finish by that time. The largest is the Hermitage Museum that features the interiors of the former imperial residence and a vast collection of art. The rave band Little Big also hails from Saint Petersburg. [101] The Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra remained one of the best known symphony orchestras in the world under the leadership of conductors Yevgeny Mravinsky and Yuri Temirkanov. It was premiered in Samara in March 1942; a few months later, it received its first performance in the besieged Leningrad at the Bolshoy Philharmonic Hall under the baton of conductor Karl Eliasberg. Abbeville Press, 1996. The city is connected to the rest of Russia and the wider world by several federal highways and national and international rail routes. Among the believers, the overwhelming majority of the residents of the city are Orthodox (57.5%), followed by small minority communities of Muslims (0.7%), Protestants (0.6%), and Catholics (0.5%), and Buddhists (0.1%).